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Saturday, Oct 29th a theatrical tribute to Marian Anderson opens at Strand Theater

Haywood Fennell's production features Monica Anderson-Spencer in the role of opera superstar Marian Anderson. Collaborating with the production are Stajez Cultural Arts Center performers who will open the show with a specially created dance, followed by singing sensation Leon Beal. The stageplay spotlights Marian Anderson’s courageous fight against Jim Crow laws and segregation in the classical music world. You'll hear soaring blends of Opera, Spirituals and the Gospel. A show for the entire family, tickets are available at Nubian Notion in Dudley Square and by calling (617) 966-9594 for performances at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Marian Anderson Free Ticket contest
TELL [ ] who Marian Anderson is
for a chance to win a pair of tickets from the
Oscar Micheaux Family Theatre Program for this production.

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Welcome to the mobile Online Guide to Black Boston, a mobile site offering local information and advertising services. Get info about affordable apartments, job vacancies, restaurants, where to find skilled contractors, night clubs, urban professional grops, black businesses, black churches, and more.

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Researchers are recruiting people of color for paid volunteer participation in social surveys and medical studies. Learn More ...

Jewish Vocational Services is hiring for many positions in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan and Hyde Park. Learn more ..

Belmont Savings Bank has entry level positions in banking. The bank is also hiring financial professioanals with an MBA. Learn more

The Wyman Gordon Engineering Company recruits people with manufacturing environment, administrative and engineering skills.
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Tyler Perry's Halloween Movie opens soon

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ORISHA DOMAIN: Photographs by Reginald Jackson

Explore the Orisha. Orisha are spiritual forces that manifest themselves through natural events and phenomena within the context of Yoruba cosmology. Learn about West African religious beliefs at the exhibit.
exhibit info link - now ongoing
Location:Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Art and Artists, 300 Walnut Avenue, Boston, MA 02119 (617) 442-8614 Tuesday-Sunday 1:00 pm-5:00 pm.

September 23 – November 11

CAMBRIDGE, MA: The Harvard Film Archive is pleased to present PAM GRIER, SUPERSTAR from September 23 – November 11, 2016 with ( Pam Grier in person. ) Rising like an urban goddess from the tumult, confusion and bloodiness of Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the Black Panthers, the sexual revolution, women’s liberation, government conspiracies, assassinations and cover-ups, Pam Grier’s most famous screen personas—Coffy, Foxy and Sheba—seem to have been called into action by a civilization in upheaval.
Download the movie package.

Youth & Family

Free Family Fun and Fall Programs at the Kroc!

KROC Center Dorchester family activities
Aquatics & Swim Lessons
Congregational Life, Culinary Arts
Dance & Performing Arts
Fitness, Sports & Recreation
Salvation Army Kroc Center Boston
650 Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02125

All about the Roxbury Cultural District project. more info

Affordable rental apartments are here

Black Boston urban professional networking group list

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Cash gift card offer

African American parents are invited to volunteer for a research study about culture and parenting practices. You might be eligible if you identify as African-American (Black American) and you have a child between the ages of 4 and 12. A $25 Gift Card is provided to participants. call (617) 358-2246 or e-mail

African American Pentecostal research

[ click ]
volunteers recruited for research in Boston

African American women in Massachusetts or CT aged 20 or older who have attended a Pentecostal church and experienced depression are invited to participate. Contact Dawn Davis, Ph D candidate. call Dawn Davis at (413)-233-7195 or email

First Africans make history in Boston

In 2006 the first African American Governor of Massachusetts was elected to office. Boston black community was established in 1638 when a group of Africans from Angola and West African nations were brought here on a ship. These black men and women, enslaved by dominant rivals in West African states, were traded out to Portuguese, Dutch, English and French merchants before arriving in Boston.

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Franklin Park stone column spirits

laid back
Ashmont MBTA station

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Ongoing Events

Coffee Hour
What: The Friends of Codman Square Branch Library are hosting a weekly coffee and conversation hour. Coffee and friends - the perfect combination! When: Wednesdays at 10:30 AM. Where: Codman Square Branch Library, 690 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02111. More info: Please call 617-436-8214

Immigration Consultants with Volunteer Attorneys
What: These consultations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call at least 1 week in advance for interpretations other than Spanish and/or disability accommodations. When: The first and third Wednesdays of every month from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Where: Boston City Hall, Room 806. More Info: Please call 617-635-2980

$1 Friday Nights at Boston Children’s Museum
What: Every Friday evening families can enjoy the entire Boston Children’s Museum for $1. The museum includes an Art Studio, Construction Zone, and more. When: Friday nights from 5:00 – 9:00 PM. Where: Boston Children’s Museum, 308 Congress Street, Boston
More Info on this web site.

Black Museums

  • On Beacon Hill in downtown Boston, the National Parks Service hosts the Museum of African American History. You can do walking tours, hear guest speakers and learn about Boston's African and African American history.

  • Visit the Massachusetts Historical Society for the collections of writer and activist Phillis Wheatley, the gallery of Boston's Slavery and Freedom history and attend free onsite events at the building on 1154 Boylston Street, Back Bay Boston.

  • the Malcom X home in Roxbury is a historic treasure. The house had fell into disrepair but historians took note and new development is ongoing. The grounds were recently excavated, artifacts were found, the objects are in production for future exposition while sponsors are developing the house to become a destination and attraction.

  • The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists brings the best of the Black art world to you. Location: 14 Walnut Street, Roxbury MA.

  • Soul food restaurants

    • Down Home Delivery and Catering in the heart of Black Boston is operated by the Webster family out of Macon, GA. The restaurant offers full breakfast and dinner menus containing mouthwatering homemade delicacies -

    • DCKB Soul Food restaurant has crispy fried catfish strips, sweet and sticky peach chili wings, lightly battered Rhode Island calamari, and other DCBK appetizers and cocktail at DCBKBOSTON.COM soul food.

    • Jamaican, Caribbean and Hispance and Latino restaurants line the streets on Dorchester on Washington Street in clusters. Another cluster is in Hyde Park. Request directions and restaurant names using the form below and we'll show you the way there.

    Affordable Apartments and Housing

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    affordable apartments everything brand new

    Boston black church tip

    On radio, there is Boston Praise Radio on the dial at WBPG-LP 102.9 FM. See a list of Boston black churches here. church reviews.

    Minority Business Enterprise
    Boston directory of MBEs

    Over $300 million annual dollars transfers to the black business community from state and local governments buying from black owned companies registered in the state of Massachusetts.

    The Black Business Startup Community

    Investors, accelerators and start-up incubators help create a vibrant, competitive Black Boston business environment. Numerous organizations assist people of color with capacity and financial growth.

    BECMA - The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts is the latest advocate on the block. Principal of One United Bank, small businesses and Darryl's Corner Bar and Grill met with hundreds of community residents to discuss economic disparity. The FREEZE FRAME BOSTON event was well attended. Now BECMA Online continues the work.

    SDO.GOV is the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office a free business certification state agency. At the local level The City of Boston Minority Business Enterprise Department targets minority vendors. In the New England Region, GNESDC the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council advocates for MBE, WBE and DBE inclusion.
    Watch Roxbury Innovation Center events calendar for classes and workshops to help your business grow. The RIC as it is called is located in Dudley Square, home of Boston's latest innovation district. The mission of this one is to foster development among underserved populations and assist residents of Roxbury with building successful businesses.
    The Epicenter, Smarter in City and the Fairmount Innovation Lab are but a few organizations serving Boston's startup sphere as capacity builders. The first two mentioned here offer cash funding, office space and mentors to help new businesses in the hood get up and going.

    Here's that thoughtful Obama speech transcript about what he said when he spoke in Selma, Alabama on the 50th Anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” Civil Rights March.

    Massachusetts history is deep and complete.

    Boston History sites
    Monuments stand proud thoughout the Commonwealth. Black History attractions are well-kept, shined and nutured. Ten million of the most educated tourists in the world visit Boston's Faneuil Hall area each year for Boston attractions and Cape Cod scenery.

    african americans in boston

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    Black Boston Population Counts

    Boston is a majority-minority city. There are 150,437 black residents.

    Going west there are 34,073 African American / blacks in Springfield Massachusetts. The town of Brockton has 29,276 blacks. Worcester has 21,056 blacks, the 12,308 black residents of Randolph represent the highest percentage of black residents per total population among any Massachusetts city or town. Cambridge Massachusetts has 12,253 black residents, the town of Lynn has 11,540 blackk residents, Malden has 8.796 black residents, Milton has 3,872 black residents, and the town of Everett has 5,962 African American black residents.

    Black college students in Boston universities and colleges are a minority. The UMASS BOSTON system counts 13% of their student population as black but African Americans and blacks constitute less than 6% of students at Tufts, Boston University, Northeastern and others. The two-year community college system will have higher percentages. Read the Boston Globe newspaper series about black college life in Boston. You'll learn how isolated many feel living in Boston away from home. article: Diverse Campuses but still Few Blacks, April 2015, Boston Globe Link
    The @BlackBoston Tweets Twitter channel connects black student assocations formed at colleges in the area. While a majority of blacks live in the Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods known as Black Boston, the gentrification and development of the Dudley Square block is turning the tide. And land trust advocates DSNI are forming alliances to build and hold more innercity land for people who cannot afford to keep paying rising rents for apartments. source: New England Blacks in Philantrophy / UMASS Trotter Institute study

    Brand new twin towers are going up over the Christian Science Center complex.

    boston ma


    There is a lot of opportunity in Boston. Blacks add two billion dollars annually to Boston's $380B economy.

    Wyman Gordon Engineeering is hiring


    Employers are aggressively hiring people of color

    Boston Attractions

    Black history is no mystery in Boston. Here's how we got here.

    The first Africans arrived in Boston aboard the slave ship named "Desire." Puritans from Boston England had settled. Together, they fought British rulers for independence. Black Yankees built a church and a school back in the day that still stands on Beacon Hill. Managed by the National Park Service, the Museum of African American History, the Abiel Smith School, and the original African Meeting House an church are at 20 Joy Street.

    photos of the first black church in Boston after restoration
    boston attraction
    boston attraction

    Guitar Man on the Ferdinand
    Black Blues Guitarman on the Ferdinand Building
    black blues guitar man
    artist mural on the Ferdinand Building (2005)

    Boston Afro-Artists have plans for a new museum with entertainment complex.
    Elma Lewis NCAAA Tower photo
    of the Tremont Crossing Parcel 3 development.

    boston entertainment

    statue of Phyllis Wheatley
    America's first black poetess
    co-founder of the black literature genre

    boston attraction

    Boston Sports

    Celtics great Bill Russell
    in bronze at City Hall Plaza

    Bill Russell Celtics basketball great closeup photo of statue at City Hall Plaza

    Love for sports and the teams add to the city vibe. The pre-Marathon Red Sox games with Toronto gave fans something to cheer for. The Red Sox won the Friday night game by 5-3. Local sports media coverage of the Red Sox, the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins, the Celtics and The New England Revolution often dominates TV news. Head out to a park, bargain for a ticket on the street if they're sold out and experience a game live. Its great!

    Investors are Here

    We're excited to connect you to investors who fund businesses lead by people of color. Startup companies are the rave! And if you are already seeing revenue for your products, web site or creative, that's a good thing because you can get more capital to hit another milestone. lists investors who fund and mentor early stage companies with seed capital and advice.

    Business CONNECT

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    Homeowners, construction contractors, people seeking health counseling, tree removers, accountants and others are taking a look at our online referral database when looking for places to spend money and you can be there, its a free listing!


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