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Boston Black-owned restaurants have grown in number. Thirty-six of them participated in a Black History Month promotion that encouraged everyone to make at least four visits that month to a black-owned restaurant. The establishments are diverse including African, African American, Caribbean, Haitian, Jamaican, Italian and other ethnic cuisines. Once a year there is an ethnic restaurant shoot out where $50 admits you to an all you can eat festival-like venue.

Island Style Jamaican restaurant on Dot Ave

Black-owned restaurants around town serve soul food, Italian cuisine, pork, coffee and coffee beans, cupcakes, Roti, Wifi, suya style food, Ethiopian hand serve, chef-inspired cuisine, fish, Jamaican Roti, glorified chicken, waffles, crack chicken, BBQ, burgers, soups, American's favorite food like chicken wings, french fries and food like that. You will find the cuisine of countries around the word. Boston chefs go all out with the food. Some of it experimental and not so good, but the good stuff finds a way to stay on menu.

Dudley Cafe named some of its sandwiches after Boston pop music faves The New Edition.

Vegan Oasis in Dorchester is a Vegan Restaurant. Dudley Street Cafe serves urban food made of local sourced farm to table ingredients. BRED does well-made sandwiches.

Tell us to plug your favorite restaurant in this shop local directory.

Allston's Cambridge street is home to a trio of restaurants vegetarians, vegans, macrobiotic thinkers, and whole food fans are going to love. This writer bought a vegan falafel sandwich for the first time ever over there and it was special. I'll tell you what I think about it below.

Vegan Falalel Sandwich
Whole Heart vegan falafel

The dish features falafel links added to the middle of a tasty hot dog bun. A strip of flavored sauce tinted to a light, lemony tahani is dripped on top. There are other flavors in the sandwich made by chef magic but I couldn't identify them all. I added a dash of red hot sauce and put moist, softened shitake mushrooms on the side. This sandwich is highly recommended.

Whole Heart provisions logo
Whole Heart Provisions is woman-owned, fast casual, plant-based culinary startup serving delicious, fast, and environmentally conscious food. Since 2015 40,000 people have been served. The firm is a 2016 MassChallenge Gold winner.


Our Farm. Field. Sea. Martha's Vineyard Day trip adventure promotion ended summer '17. Stay tuned new 2018 announcements from FFS.

ABBO offers a Shop-Local directory of Black-owned locations. Vegan Restaurants, Insurance companies, and others are in it now and the list will continue to grow. Download it Here.

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