Vegan Food is in

Allston's Cambridge street is home to a trio of restaurants vegetarians, vegans, macrobiotic thinkers, and whole food fans are going to love. I bought a vegan falafel sandwich for the first time ever over there and it was special. I'll tell you what I think about it below.

Vegan Falalel Sandwich
Whole Heart vegan falafel

The dish features falafel links added to the middle of a tasty hot dog bun. A strip of flavored sauce tinted to a light, lemony tahani is dripped on top. There are other flavors in the sandwich made by chef magic but I couldn't identify them all. I added a dash of red hot sauce and put moist, softened shitake mushrooms on the side. This sandwich is highly recommended.

Whole Heart provisions logo
Whole Heart Provisions is a fast casual, plant-based culinary startup serving delicious, fast, and environmentally conscious food. Since 2015 40,000 people have been served. The firm is a 2016 MassChallenge Gold winner.

Whole Heart
487 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA 02134 (617) 202-5041


The Farm. Field. Sea. Promotion ended summer '17. Stay tuned for the next foodie and adventure promotion..

Tripping to Martha's Vineyard from Boston

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