Directory of Black Groups

  • Black Tech Meetup Boston, 1,500+ - 38 attended last meeting at Hill Holiday Connors ad agency

  • Young Black Women's Society - Boston was founded by a 23- year old female who saw a need for an organization and network that catered to young women of color emerging in their careers.

  • 100s of Black groups are here, scroll down.

    Black Groups and Associations in Boston overview

    When you find that you are the ONLY one in the room like you, it may not happen much, but if it does, then maybe you need to join a Boston Black Group to keep from going crazy and feeling isolated., Want to meet a Black MBA, tour sites with a soul sister, gain insights to professional industry - Black groups can do that for you.

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    Groups have organized independently. Many are spending huge amounts of money on activities and establishments. Some groups may be 501 (C3) non profit organizations, but a majority of Black Boston groups are independent, democratically run organizations. The internet has been a terrific organizing tool for them.

    • Black Data Processing Association - Metro West Chapter is one of the oldest knowledge worker associations with a predominately Black membership.

    • Blacks in Government, Boston BIG convened thousands from chapters across the country to conference in Boston the year the National Association of Black Journalists convened here.

    • Black Economic Council of Massachusetts. formed after the Black Boston FREEZE FRAME event held at Masonic Lodge when 600 people turned up to focus on economic empowerment for Black businesses in the State of Massachusetts.

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    Groups can have their preferences. For example, the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts targets the ages 18-42. KickBack Boston attracts an under 30 age crowd to night club environments for music. The National Black MBA Association Boston Chapter accepts MBAs and non-MBAs. HACK DIVERSITY requires you to be a college student with an interest in innovation companies. It makes total sense to join one or more groups that interest you.

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    things people are doing

    Black people in Boston organize around interests, age and style. You'll leave the neighborhood to do it and no wonder -- there are only four middle class neighborhood clusters compared to the 500 middle class white neighborhood clusters across Metro Boston. Black people live in every part of Boston you can imagine.

    The cluster named Black Boston doesn't make the "middle class" cut simply because the average household income is less than $75,000 in Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester, but you can be absolutely sure that there really are thousands of middle class income earners in Black Boston; there are thousands of black homeowners there, and there are thousands of blacks making well over $100,000 a year in Black Boston, which may soon see a Nubian Square naming event. Black Boston has the largest concentration of subidized housing units in the city.

    Music, Musicians, Artists, Painters, Ski. Run. Learn, there is bowling, branding, arts, film, craft making, pool halls, ball games, tours, Franklin Park picnics, music concerts, rooftop pool scenes, and more. The Black MBA Association Boston Chapter and the Boston Chapter of Black Accountants, Black Engineers, Blacks in Government, Black Social Workers, the Black Educators Association of Massachusetts, and more black groups.

    Night clubs. Social Networks.

    KickBack Boston - DJ,Trap listening parties
    LiteWork events - millennials party after work
    GK100 - CEOs, the leading Blacks and POC
    GET KONNECTED - POC, all ages
    The Black Cotton Club - live, collaborative music performance

      Professionals of Color Networking Group - 1,066 members

      Africans and Friends of Africa Social Network - 274 members

    • Boston Pan African Forum -
      Public forums on issues affecting blacks and the African diaspora

      The Cambridge Boston Black Book club - 174 members

      The Urban Professionals Network Metro Boston - 127 members

      The National Black MBA Association - Boston Chapter

      National Association of Black Accountants - Boston Chapter

      National Association of Black Engineers - Boston Chapter

      New England Blacks in Philantrophy

    • BDPA - MetroWest
      Black Data Processing Association -Boston

    • a seminar episode

      The Boston Black Professionals Meetup Group

    • The Partnership prepares professionals of color for the C-suite.

      New England Professional Queer Women of Color

      United Sisters of Color

      Boston HBCU grads

      Sexy Sistah book club circle of friends

      Black Scholars and Professionals Boston Women's Group

      Boston Onyxbirds Travel Group

      The Original Steppers of Boston 2006

      Boston Divas of Color - 111 members

      North Shore Women of Color Connect

      Dorchester Social

      Boston After Work Social

      Greater Boston Diversity Scholars Initiative

    The Boston Chapter of the Links is a strong organization. web site

    You can volunteer and meet people at museums, events, community causes, the Boston Marathon and more.

    Boston Black sorors and fraternity sisters and brothers do things.

    Over 350,000 Boston residents are single.

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    Black Business Directory


  • Vendors, contractors and professional firms
  • Black owned men and Black owned women in Massachusetts firms
  • Companies certified as MBE,DBE,WBE
  • Verified minority business owners

This product is an Excel compatible digital file. The records list the Business owner name, Company name, Street mailing address, City, State,Zip Code, Phone number, Website URL, E-mail Address, Business service description or category of industry the business specializes in.

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