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Groups and Associations where Blacks go in Boston

It gets better than TINDER. The Urban Professionals and Special Interest organizations listed below were initiated to leverage the value of community, explore variety, and expand personal networks and networth. Formed by Blacks and multicultural people - aren't we all - Black clubs and groups are thriving and they are here to stay!

The Black Tech Meetup Group are people in software, engineering, data analytics, business development, entrepreneural and more. With hundreds of members, the group meets at the local headquarters of established brand titans like Amazon, Microsoft, Akamai, Uber and others that invite them.

The HACK DIVERSITY Initiative is a new entrant designed to populate the inclusion and diversity marketplace. It plucks STEM-minded minorities right of classes at area universities and plugs them into internship level jobs at Hubspot, DataXu, and other fast growing high-tech wonder companies.

View the Tech Job Openings List for positions in Boston and around world being offered right now!

BDPA - The Black Data Processing Assocation Boston Chapter and national branch holds thriving with national conventions every year and pushes mentors STEM students around the year in local communities. BDPA was first before trendy groups forms to organize millennials for diversity and an inclusive society. I first walked into a BDPA meeting as it were being held at Lotus-1-2-3 headquarters in Cambridge before Lotus was bought by IBM Corp. The BDPA has been around a long while. THE BDPA is online at www.bdpa.orgM/group/MA.

NSBE the National Society of Black Engineers and BDPA, the Black Data Processing Assocation has several hundred members involved in technology steep occupations. We met the groug as it was meeting in Cambridge at Microsoft NERD. Spoke to individuals who worked for Oracle, IBM, Sheraton Hotel, Amazon and others in highly influential and technology managment positions who were young, African, Caribbean and sophisticated. NSBE Boston web site.

The Boston Chapter of the Links is a strong organization. web site

Boston Black sorors and fraternity sisters and brothers do things. A TV show named Basic Black produced a wonderful episode about Black soror and fraternity life in Boston Massachusetts. | Basic Black streaming TV shows

NABA Boston, the National Society of Black Accountants Boston Chapter hire us to rescue their own web site domain from a prior design firm had run off with it, and we got it back for them. NABABoston is a successful, diverse in age and leadership, non-profit organization whose members are involved in accounting and finance industry. Leaders work in high-level positions at State Street Bank, Massport and others. They have a robust Student membership level and does great work supporting one another's professional career path.

The Black urban professionals mashup around Greater Boston.

#whereitsat #KickBackBoston #TheEpicenter #BostonFAB #LiteWorks


AfroCentric African AM Centered College Groups Community

Boston activities include volunteering for galas at museums, Ad Club events, the Boston Marathon, work at the Boston Red Sox, the Celtics Games and more.

Over 350,000 Boston residents are single. Singles do roommate scenarios to cope with huge rents. See our Affordable Apartment Referral site for deals. Boston has 638,000 residents and over 300,000 students attending a college or university who are not permanent residents.

Blacks shall pursue their passions

If you are an avid skier there's the Boston Ski Party. Love to travel - the Onyx Birds are on the list and they go everywhere. Boston has over 100 black groups who actively get out and go.

Directory of Black Clubs and Groups

  • Black Tech Meetup Boston -

  • Boston Ski Party
    African American and diverse

  • Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts

  • YPN - Young Professionals Network
    of the Eastern Massachusetts Urban League

  • Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

  • Young Black Women's Society - Boston

    Boston Young Black Professionals (666 members and growing)

    Professionals of Color Networking Group - 1,066 members

    Africans and Friends of Africa Social Network - 274 members

  • Boston Pan African Forum -
    Public forums on issues affecting blacks and the African diaspora

    The Cambridge Boston Black Book club - 174 members

    The Urban Professionals Network Metro Boston - 127 members

    The National Black MBA Association - Boston Chapter

    National Association of Black Accountants - Boston Chapter

    National Association of Black Engineers - Boston Chapter

    New England Blacks in Philantrophy

  • BDPA - MetroWest
    Black Data Processing Association -Boston

  • a seminar episode

    The Boston Black Professionals Meetup Group

  • The Partnership prepares professionals of color for the C-suite.

    New England Professional Queer Women of Color

    United Sisters of Color

    Boston HBCU grads

    Sexy Sistah book club circle of friends

    Black Scholars and Professionals Boston Women's Group

    Boston Onyxbirds Travel Group

    The Original Steppers of Boston 2006

    Boston Divas of Color - 111 members

    North Shore Women of Color Connect

    Dorchester Social

    Boston After Work Social

    Greater Boston Diversity Scholars Initiative

The LiteWork events group for millennials can stuff a venue with fashionable, urban young professionals and socialites. The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts has a vibrant Young Professionals group at YPN members are ged 18-42. They volunteer in the community and help prepare the next young political,social value, and business leaders. The GK100 is the newest networking brand for people of color created by Collette Phillips. She asked dozens of people across industry sectors which persons of color have mastered their domains. Those persons were put on the GET KONNECTED 100 list (GK100) and announced to the community at the Edward Kennedy Institute. Collette says the list will help institutions recruit a diverse board of expert directors.

Ski. Run. Learn ...

Boston Black professional networking activities spread across interest categories. They are into bowling, branding, arts, film, craft making, pool halls, ball games, tours, Franklin Park picnics, music concerts, rooftop pool scenes, and more. The Black MBA Association Boston Chapter and the Boston Chapter of Black Accountants, Black Engineers, Blacks in Government, Black Social Workers, the Black Educators Association of Massachusetts, and more groups like them, have been programming events all year long.

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