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Example Leads

Was consulting and needed to install a touch enabled 70" Windows PC flat screen on a wall. The minority company received a $6,200 order. That W/MBE had all the answers.

She was seeking a gardner, landscaper. The match resulted in 4 weeks of work for the supplier

February snow roof removal. One homeowner spent $200. Across the street, they spent $700 on a two man crew.

Tour company is seeking a "Step On Guide." You board a charter bus with senoir citizens from Maryland at South Station at 8am, tour Boston and return to Amtrak at 3pm

Lady from LA said "I need a black-owned transportation company for airport pickups. Two days, big event planned for Hynes Auditorium. Also need a company that does audio and lights that can handle a major Hynes auditorium gala. The transportation company must be black-owned but it doesn't matter if the production firm is not."

"I'm looking for someone who can help me start a school."

He said .. "I live in Cambridge and I've got a problem with trees. Can you get me a tree-remover please? Hurry! The storm is coming and I really need to take some branches down or else I'm in trouble."

Here's what's new!

Minority business enterprises in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts billed $700 million to state buyers and procurement officials according to recent annual reports for MBE and WBE designated businesses. However; no minority-owned firm won contracts for these industry categories. (FY2012).

- Attorneys/Legal Services
- Confidential Investigations Expenses
- Court Investigators
- Educational Equipment Maintenance & Repair
- Information Technology (IT) Equip Rental or Lease
- Laundry Services
- Live Animals & Related Supplies
- Navigational & Nautical Supplies
- Office Furnishings Maintenance & Repair
- Printing/Photocopy & Micrographics Equip Rent/Lease
- Sheriffs, Constables & Process Servers
- Tax Reportable Reimbursements
- Testing Firms