Black urban professional social and special interests groups in Boston MA updated 2018
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Urban professional groups list info

Groups for lawyers, politics and policy, community empowerment, co-ops, Black tech, funding, travel, black history, HBCU, skiers, coders and more are represented in the package.

People join many Black Boston groups when they are tired of being the only black in the room and when they just want to be around people who look like themselves. To meet like-minded people is a natural thing to do.

The Business Sector

The largest number of black owned businesses and companies owned and operated by people of color are located in Boston, MA. The State of Massachusetts certifies the MBE and WBE and facilitates the certification of the DBE. Business list are for sale.

Black Business Directory + minority businesses
Boston and Massachusetts firms


The Business Director represents firms specializing in all trades, professional services, information technology and more. There are Black owned men and Black owned women business owners in Boston and Massachusetts on the list. A majority are certified as MBE,DBE,WBE.

The business record lists Business owner name, Company name, Street mailing address, City, State,Zip Code, Phone number, Website URL, E-mail Address, Business service description or category of industry the business specializes in.

What about Black Boston in 2018?

You'll get different answers from different people you ask. Black Boston has been expanding since the first Africans arrived in Boston in the year 1638 when they established community on Beacon Hill. We tell our young and give the opinion that the city of Boston is a great place to get on with your life. It may not be what you are looking for but there is something for everyone. More people are coming to live in Boston every month than will leave.
Black Boston is a five zip code area part of Boston where the only golf course and zoo exists. It is where Roxbury, the center of the African American experience is located. You can be absolutely sure that there are thousands of middle class income earners in Black Boston; there are thousands of black homeowners. There are thousands of jobs available any day, if you have the skills to do them. Charleston SC has more churches than Boston.
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